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Ethereum (ETH) bulls eye a $3,000 target. However, past performance waves a cautionary flag. The last time ETH crossed this mark, it saw a 46% correction. Despite this, the last 10 days have shown a promising 21.5% gain, nudging ETH near $2,800. This surge relates to the U.S.’s new spot, Bitcoin ETF, and Ether’s unique growth drivers. Could this journey to $3,000 mark a new era for Ethereum?

A Glimpse of Optimism

Ether stands out, potentially becoming the second crypto with a U.S. spot ETF. This move would set it apart from rivals like Solana and BNB Chain. It promises easier access and tighter regulation. Amidst ongoing SEC lawsuits against major exchanges, an Ethereum ETF could cut through investor uncertainty.

Moreover, the upcoming Dencun network upgrade on March 13 spells more good news. It aims to slash Ethereum’s layer two transaction costs. By offering more block space and cheaper gas for rollups, Ethereum’s DApps and smart contracts could see a surge in use and demand.

Historical Hesitations

Despite the bullish momentum, history’s shadow looms large. Before April 2022, ETH’s price rocketed from $2,520 to $3,580, only to plummet 46% within 40 days. This pattern brings a critical question to the fore: can Ethereum sustain its climb this time?

Ethereum Price Index April 2022 USD.

Ethereum Price Index April 2022 USD. Source: TradingView

Futures and Skews: The Market’s Pulse

The ETH futures premium offers insights into market sentiment. This premium recently spiked, reflecting a bullish appetite. Yet, a comparison with April 2022’s more moderate premium suggests caution.

The options market adds another layer to this analysis. The 25% delta skew, a measure of market bias, shows a tilt toward optimism. Yet, while palpable, this enthusiasm strikes a balanced note between hope and caution.

Ethereum 2-month futures annualized premium.

Ethereum 2-month futures annualized premium. Source:

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The ETF Factor: A Double-Edged Sword

The potential approval of an Ethereum spot ETF carries weight. With Bloomberg analysts pegging approval chances at 70%, anticipation runs high. However, the path to May 23, the SEC’s decision deadline, is fraught with volatility risks.


Ether’s march towards $3,000 is fraught with both promise and peril. Historical data and current market metrics blend optimism with a note of caution. Ethereum’s unique position and upcoming upgrades paint a hopeful picture. Yet, the shadow of past volatility reminds traders of the risks involved. As Ethereum treads this path, the market watches, hopeful yet wary.

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