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Mark Yusko, the CEO and founder of Morgan Creek Capital, is sparking excitement in the crypto world. In a recent interview, he predicted a bullish future for Bitcoin (BTC), seeing its value potentially doubling by next year.

A Six-Figure Bitcoin

Yusko shared his insights on The Wolf of All Streets YouTube channel, suggesting Bitcoin could reach a staggering six-figure price by mid-next year. This forecast doubles Bitcoin’s current fair value, a valuation based on the growing network of BTC users and miners.

The Fair Value Calculation

“Bitcoin’s fair value might hit $75,000 to $80,000 this bull cycle,” Yusko stated. This figure represents a significant milestone driven by the influx of investors, traders, and speculators. The real game-changer comes when leverage enters the scene, pushing prices beyond fair value.

The Timeline

Yusko’s timeline places the peak between Thanksgiving this year and June of the following year. He believes this period will mark Bitcoin’s climb to new heights, potentially reaching $150,000.

Anticipating Volatility

However, Yusko warns of volatility ahead. Before reaching new records, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may face sharp corrections. He anticipates a significant selling wave before the next big surge, linked to market cycles and upcoming events like the Bitcoin halving.


Mark Yusko’s forecast paints a thrilling yet cautious picture of Bitcoin’s future. With a predicted peak of $150,000, the journey promises excitement and unpredictability. Investors and enthusiasts alike watch eagerly, ready for the next chapter in Bitcoin’s story.