Mondelēz International, the powerhouse behind Oreo and Cadbury, teams up with Hedera. This partnership marks a leap into blockchain for the snack giant. Hedera’s council, featuring leaders from IBM to Google, will spearhead this venture. They aim to revolutionize Mondelēz’s internal operations with distributed ledger technology (DLT). Here’s a closer look at this groundbreaking collaboration.

A Strategic Alliance

Mondelēz’s venture into fintech isn’t new. Prior to Hedera, they explored alternative payment solutions with SKUx. This initiative sought to modernize their coupon system. SKUx’s longstanding partnership with Hedera likely paved the way for this direct collaboration. Together, they’re set to tackle supply chain and digital transformation challenges.

Enhancing Consumer Trust

The partnership’s goal extends beyond technological upgrades. Bill Miller from Hedera emphasizes building trust with consumers. As Mondelēz crafts beloved snacks, enhancing consumer confidence is paramount. This alliance aims to fortify Mondelēz’s position as a trusted snack provider on a global scale.

Digital Transformation in Focus

Mondelēz eyes digital solutions to longstanding retail hurdles. Xiang Xu, spearheading digital strategy at Mondelēz, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership. They’re eager to leverage Hedera’s expertise in DLT. The focus? Streamlining supply chains and enriching customer experiences through digital innovation.

A Leap into the Blockchain Era

This collaboration is more than a partnership. It’s Mondelēz stepping into the blockchain era. Hedera’s diverse council and robust technology framework offer a solid foundation. As Mondelēz joins this council, they’re not just adopting blockchain. They’re shaping the future of snack consumption and distribution.

Hedera: A Blockchain Powerhouse

Hedera stands out with its open-source, proof-of-stake network. Its council, including giants like IBM and Google, oversees this. The network aims to foster a decentralized economy. Now, with Mondelēz on board, Hedera’s influence in the retail and CPG sectors is set to grow.


Mondelēz International’s partnership with Hedera signifies a bold step towards blockchain adoption. This collaboration aims to revolutionize supply chain management and digital transformation. With a focus on enhancing consumer trust, Mondelēz is poised to redefine the snacking industry through innovative blockchain solutions.