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Bitcoin continues to showcase resilience and strength in the market, with key indicators pointing towards bullish trends and positive sentiment. The recent analysis reveals solid support levels at $49,603 for the 50-week SMA and $38,245 for the 200-week SMA, underlining a robust foundation for Bitcoin’s performance.

The correlation coefficient of 0.88 with the SPX signifies a strong link between Bitcoin and equity markets, further solidifying its position as a significant player in the financial landscape. Currently trading at $67,800, Bitcoin maintains its upward trajectory, hinting at a potential all-time high on the horizon.

Market volatility remains a key factor, with an ATR of $2,400 indicating fluctuations in price movements. The Fear & Greed Index reflects an ‘Extreme Greed’ sentiment at 82/100, highlighting market optimism tempered with caution due to possible overvaluation.

In terms of mining costs, the average cost has reached $47,865, showcasing a substantial profit margin given the current BTCUSD quotation. March historically concludes with a positive annualized return of +36.11%, offering insights into potential market movements and trading strategies.

The NUPL stands at 61%, indicating heightened profit in the market that could lead to increased selling pressure as investors seek to capitalize on gains. Traders are advised to monitor key support levels, align with the prevailing uptrend, and exercise caution amidst market volatility and potential corrections.

Overall, Bitcoin’s performance remains strong and optimistic, presenting opportunities for traders to capitalize on the market’s momentum while staying vigilant in navigating potential risks and fluctuations.

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